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Dec 20
This season brings joy…to me.

Room of Backpacks1.jpg

The team has been busy collecting donations like toiletries, coats, socks, and school supplies for the children in our care. This month our office has been overflowing with cuddly, warm (homemade!) blankets and the ‘every-child-has-to-have-them’ toothbrush. When I write ‘overflowing,’ I mean it. Boxes and boxes have come in from Treasure Valley businesses and families—for days on end. I have been astonished with the volume. This year, every child was sponsored and we have hundreds of backpacks filling our construction-zone room. It is a beautiful sight. Volunteers will play Santa and help each child that has experienced the trauma of abuse, neglect and abandonment this year have a warmer and brighter future.
This is one glimpse in to our year-round efforts to help families right in our community. Frankly, the Family Advocates’ team need this time of year as much as the children do.  Imagine being a part of the most horrific stories day in, day out. Of course you can imagine it, you are a supporter of Family Advocates for this very reason!  Every day the staff help families gain access to stable housing, encourage parents to stay clean, and assist volunteers in representing a child’s future in the courtroom. For our volunteers and staff, this time of year is an opportunity to give a material representation that everything will be ok. That the child is loved. That the community is here to support them.
Isn’t that what this time of year is for?