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Mar 22
Artistry, the new frontier for nonprofits!

​Change, new ideas, and artists don't always have to be scary. At least, that is my new mantra. Let's get one thing clear, I am not an artist. I cannot produce a visual representation of an idea and have never taken a marketing class. Thank goodness for professionals. Luckily, through DaviesMoore, the team at Family Advocates is learning about thinking outside the box. Personally, my brain is being ​stretched in new directions, and it is all due to an amazing group of artists that formed the True Story Project.

The DaviesMoore team somehow convinced (bribed?) the talented True Story Project to provide a spoken word piece showcasing the children in our CASA program. As you know, sharing the stories of our mission is crucial to getting the volunteers and financial support that make all of our programs possible. Our most difficult story to tell is the children's perspective on the abuse, neglect, and abandonment that they endure. Hundreds of children in our CASA program experience unimaginable situations and Family Advocates attempts, using data and general stories, to expose this problem to the community. Let's just say…True Story Project does it MUCH better.

This year, at our annual luncheon, the True Story Project will share a story through a child's lens. An emotional plea for the normalization of abuse, the harsh reality of living away from your biological relatives, and the fear of the unknown future. We couldn't be more impressed with the sensitivity, creativity, and truth that they bring to our children's lives. While seats are almost filled, you can contact to see this once-in-a-lifetime story. Plus, if you feel inspired to give while you're there, you know that it will be invested in protecting children and preventing them from ever experiencing abuse in the first place—the Family Advocates' mission.​