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Jun 19
In-Kind, you’re the embodiment of it!

​In the nonprofit sector, we have a term to sum up the items we receive and pass through to our program participants. We use the same term for the long hours our trained volunteers dedicate to the well-being of our children and parents. When the term is defined by the IRS, it leaves out so much that our programs reap the benefit of. The term "in-kind" is exactly that. The kindness of others given freely to the people left vulnerable and in need of resources. In-kind is a beautiful word in our world. Check out this ADORABLE interview with one of our children, James--a beneficiary of your in-kind.​


Did you know that last fiscal year our organization had over half of our budget provided in-kind? That number will only be increasing this year due to people like you. The passionate folks that volunteer, the community members that give diapers and wipes during our Community Baby Shower (June 21st this year!), and the people that give us the financial support that sustains our professional staff. The word in-kind is just that. Your kindness is the only reason why we are able to work with children and families in Idaho.

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