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Apr 27
2016 Welcome Home Event-Building Futures

​Family Advocates just finished up our Building Futures event for 2016. As in, it ended an hour and a half ago. The team here is bowled over by the community's generosity and their willingness to step in and change the lives of people they have never met! Thank you all!

As you all know, nonprofit cannot exist without donors and volunteers. Jobs that are not easy, not glorified, and positions that may never get to see the full impact of their contributions. But, as a community, we can bring together all kinds of resources to provide support to people that really need it.

I want to share with you a video from a donor that we played at the event that really outlilnes the value of volunteers and donors. Dix Brown passed away last year but his legacy of supporting families and protecting kids lives on through his financial contribution. Please follow this link to watch:

We also hope you'll stop by and "like" our facebook page (Family Advocates Facebook Page)​ and continue the conversation with us.

There are some fun selfies that we took from the stage of the entire crowd--all 350 friends and family of Family Advocates. Tag yourself and your friends! Of course, we want to keep each and every one of you engaged with our organization. Consider becoming an ambassador, volunteer, and donor. We need you to be a part of tomorrow's solution.