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May 31
Volunteerism: Easing the Struggles of Children

Every day we hear the horrific tales of abuse and neglect that our kids and parents suffered at such a tender age. Not only are these stories so difficult for the children who live it, it can also weigh down volunteers, staff and ​the board members that are involved. Through the work that they do at Family Advocates, you will often hear about the magnitude of children that are abused and neglected, the volume of vulnerable youth that are exposed to extreme conditions, and what you can do to help.

As we gear up for our volunteer appreciation event, I want to celebrate those that do. Family Advocates is a volunteer-driven organization. How else would be we be able to work with thousands of kids and parents seeking support?! Our staff is small. I mean REALLY small. The hundreds of volunteers that provide direct services through Home Visiting, CASA, Parents Anonymous and BabySteps save people's lives. And I'm not being just dramatic here. We've all heard the tales.

Some of our volunteers would be embarassed if I called them out by name but, without them, we would never be able to replicate our services-financially or with equal passion in which they serve.

Thank you volunteers. Thank you for protecting kiddos, saving lives, keeping families together and helping people succeed. 

And thank you to staff who recruit them, train them, and help them be the best at their job. 

​In case you haven't noticed, this team rocks. If you would like to learn more about volunteering with Family Advocates, attend our next volunteer orientation. More information can be found on our calendar.​