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Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for Dreamers?

We have spent so much time looking up at the podium of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., trying to peer into his dream.  Many of us have missed the reality he saw.  His view of the man or woman in the crowd of hundreds or thousands.  Dr. King’s speeches didn’t talk about his power to change the world, he was talking about ours.

He inspired us to see the value in every child, in every parent, in every one of us.  To see the strength of our community and understand that we are all accountable to the world we live in.

His words mean more to me every year, especially now as I watch hundreds of volunteers show the power of their hope.  It is humbling.  Sometimes harshly humbling.  I see one person after another, every day, who is giving their time, and investing their heart into the life of a child that's not their own, or a parent they’ve never known.  Millions of dollars worth of resources invested one hour at a time to make sure an innocent smile doesn’t fade away, that hope doesn’t die, and that a family can stay happy and whole.

Martin Luther King, Jr. knew that it wasn’t about the podium, it was about the people.  It was about the immense power in the crowd before him.  It was about a shared belief that who and what we are matters.  Every single one of us.  And that each and every one of us is called to action for our greater good.  Happy Birthday Martin.

- Richard Johnson, CEO

“Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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